Our main mission it to assist municipalities, police departments, animal control, federal/state/local agencies with medical needs for strays. Most often municipalities do not have budgeting for the medical care for strays and sadly these animals may be euthanized if the amount of care will be costly. This is where Because of a Dog comes in so you may, at times, see multiple fundraisers for multiple animals picked up as strays. We believe in transparency and we post the fundraiser total, a picture of the check payable to the treating veterinarian, and a copy of the invoice for the animal. Because of a Dog had covered all fees associated with PayPal (fees are assessed if donors do not check "sending money to family/friends"). The fees from the last fundraiser were over $50. Paying these fees depletes our funds and there is less money to assist with other animals. When we post a fundraiser it is with the authorization from the municipality, agency, or treating veterinarian. Please note that the veterinarian offices will NOT be able to give updates on the medical condition of the animal and they also will NOT be accepting donations over the phone or mailed in - all funds must come through Because of a Dog. If a donor chooses to, donors can mail their donation to Because of a Dog, PO Box 3158, Bethlehem, PA 18017. Receipts for donations are usually emailed or mailed to the donor within 48 hours of receiving the donation. Since we are a 501c3 non profit organization your donation is tax deductible as allowed under the IRS code. Any amount over the cost of medical care, and minus the PayPal fees, will be placed in an account under Because of a Dog at the veterinary office. These monies will then be used toward future strays brought into the respective veterinary office. We will also assist, and ask for the public's assistance, in sharing the animal so a rescue or shelter can be found to take the animal. In cases of strays, time is of the essence and, we must work swiftly and efficiently in finding placement - if funds are not available or we don't raise enough funds then, again, the animal may be euthanized at the discretion of the treating veterinarian and the agency who brought the animal in for treatment. In closing, we would like to thank you, the public, for always coming together to assist us with the strays.

We now have an email "tipline" for anonymous tips on who the strays belong to! A safe way to report who neglected the animals our organization helps!


Mission Statement


Because of a Dog does not have any animals within the organization and is not a rescue. The organization was founded to assist local municipalities and state/federal agencies (Police Depts) with food, supplies, tools, and resources for the strays.  We also assist companion pet owners with food and medical needs. Companion animals may include, but are not limited to dogs, cats, horses, goats, pigs, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, and birds.  Assistance is not guaranteed.


The organization gains funds through donations, raffles, bake sales, galas, dinners, mailers, advertising, social media, and online auctions. It is with the generous funds from the community and businesses that Because of a Dog is able to help animals in need.