January 13, 2017 - Helping Bella to get surgery! Wow!!! NINETEEN instant scratch off lottery tickets with a retail value of $100!! Chances are a donation of $10 each or 3 for $25. No limit on how many chances you want to donate for! Click on the link below! Or, if you prefer, you can paypal the donation to us and message our page and we can enter your name in the drawing. Rafflecreator will be pulling the winning chance on Friday, January 13th, 2017 - yes we'll be making Friday the 13th a lucky day for someone!

Congratulations to Stephanie Heater! She is our winner!

Link to Raffle

June 4, 2017 - BINGO!!! What are you doing June 4???  Come out and join us for a fun afternoon of bingo. $20 for 20 games, this includes specials! 

Prizes are gift cards to local businesses, specials are 31 bags...all included in the packet. We will also have raffle baskets and a 50/50. 

Vendors on site for cash and carry and kitchen open. 

For tickets please mail payment to Because of a Dog, PO Box 3158 Bethlehem, PA 18017, to donate or questions email rory@becauseofadog.org. We only have spots for 100 people. Or you can pay via Paypal.me/becauseofadog

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April 21, 2017 - Welcome to our first salsa fundraiser! Salsa made by Casa de Jorge, Bethlehem, PA. ​The fundraiser to benefit Bringing Phoenix Home! 

​Everyone loved the salsa! 30 jars were sent to South Carolina!

Link to Casa de Jorge FB Page


You an support Because of a Dog just by walking your dog!  Download the app at Wooftrax and select Because of a Dog as your charity!

February 6, 2017​ - With the influx of local Police Depts picking up large dogs we find they are in need of new crates/holding kennels that are strong enough to withstand extremely strong dogs, aggressive dogs, and escape artist dogs.  Having multiple dogs in stray holding can be very stressful when the crates are not strong enough to hold the dog or the dog escapes. Strays are normally held the mandatory 48 stray hold before being released to shelters/rescues. These crates/holding kennels are large enough for a Newfoundland and strong enough to hold a dog up to 176 lbs. We have found a SmithBuilt 48-inch long x 33 in. deep x 37 in. tall crate/kennel for half price!  These crate/kennels are also on wheels making it easier to move an aggressive dog.  Safety of the dog, the Police, the handler, the public is of utmost importance, hence the need for new/stronger crate/kennels.  We would like to order seven (7) crates/kennels to Give to municipalities.  City of Bethlehem, PA takes in almost 300 strays per year and we would like to provide 4 crate/kennels to them. Bethlehem Township, PA takes in a few strays and we would like to provide 2 crates to them. And 1 crate to Freemansburg. 

Link to fundraiser

January 6-19, 2017 - Because of a Dog is hosting a Scentsy fundraiser! BOAD's mission is to assist local/federal/state agencies with tools/resources/supplies to help the strays in stray hold. We supply food, treats, crates, blankets and will do fundraisers specific to each stray for emergency medical needs. We have outfitted over 250 police vehicles with slip leads to aid in the safe capture/containment of strays. We try to help companion pet owners with food for their pets.

Link to Event on Facebook


Welcome to our Amazon Wish List! Click on Because of a Dog Wishlist.  We are hoping to place slip leads in police cruisers (minimum of 2 per cruiser) in the Lehigh Valley, PA area and supply the municipalities with dog bowls for the strays they bring in. That's a lot of slip leads needed!  The slip leads are the most important item. Currently the officers have to utilize whatever they have available (catchpole, rope, etc). A slip lead is much more friendly and safer for the dog and the officer (assuming the dog is friendly).


Operation Slip Lead is a continous program where we strive to supply police departments (local/state/federal) with slip leads for the save capture/transport of stray dogs.  Please visit Operation Slip Lead to purchase slip leads for Because of a Dog.

January 12-26, 2017​ - Kiss My Glass is based in Commerce Township, MI and a huge supporter of animal welfare groups. Place an order by clicking on the Kiss My Glass w baited link. You MUST MENTION BECAUSE OF A DOG AT CHECK-OUT, we will receive 25% of the sale! The artist works with quite a wide collection of Opaque, Iridescent, Transparent and Dichroic Glass. From the start of cutting, designing and the firing process, each piece of her jewelry has approximately 15-25 hours invested into it. She soon will be making windchimes and keepsake memorial pendants that will hold your loved ones ashes (pets too) that she would like to launch in 2017.

Link to Facebook event       Link to Kiss My Glass website

February 6-20, 2017 - ​Because of a Dog is in competition with other local organizations to be the top seller this month! 20% of every order will be donated to BOAD! In addition, they will be eligible to win some great prizes to use at future events! Please consider shopping the brand new spring catalog today!

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​We are pleased to announce our new program, An Officer and a Dog!  For this program we have partnered with C.E.L.E.T. to provide Tactical Training for Canine Encounters.  This program is open to Law Enforcement only. Please click on the link to our youcaring fundraiser for full details on this program.

An Officer and a Dog


Wooftrax.com is where you can support Because of a Dog every time you walk at least a quarter of a mile! Download the app to your smartphone today!

March 15, 2017 - In order to better assist the local police departments we are trying to raise funds to purchase 2 microchip scanners.

Link to fundraiser


May 21, 2017 - Wimmer Wag Festival at the Animal Therapy Center, Bethlehem Twp, PA. Lots of rescues, vendors, and organizations and a great time!

​Link to event on FB   Link to Animal Therapy Center FB Page

April 1, 2017 - Our Damsel in Defense Raffle to benefit Bringing Phoenix Home! 

Congratulations to Jane Croisssette of Stitchin' Witch Embroidery who was our winner!

Link to Help Phoenix Get Home FB Page    Link to Fundraiser/Raffle