October 8, 2015

Jennie Nicholas (founder of Ruby the lost Greyhound, inc) and her son Noah, supporters of Because of a Dog, volunteered to deliver slip leads, dog bowls, and dog food to the Allentown, PA Police Department. Each Police vehicle will have a slip lead to ensure that each Officer will have one available should they need one.

November 24, 2015

Today we delivered slip leads and bowls the City of Easton, PA Animal Control Officer Amy Gruber.



November 1, 2015 - UPDATE: Sapphire and Frederick arrived safely at South Robeson Vet Clinic at approximtely 5:15pm tonight 11/02/2015. They will need extensive medical and the $1230 in current donations will only barely cover Sapphire's second surgery to repair the rectal prolapse. She also needs to be spayed. Frederick has a horrible skin infection with hair loss and will need to be neutered. Further testing and a full medical workup on both dogs also needs to be done. They will also need to be medically boarded until they can be medically released to the den or to foster homes. Donations can be made to Eagle's Den Rescue via PayPal at eaglesdenrescue@live.com. ****** As you all know, the Board of Directors of Because of a Dog consists of 4 women all heavily involved in rescue and working with shelters prior to the inception of BOAD. We still all juggle our lives around the animals. Normally BOAD would not be involved in a rescue or shelter dog. However, there were extenuating circumstances and we could not let this dog die. On Friday, 10/30/15, Selena was contacted by Claire Biondi Jarvis about a dog named Sapphire. She was picked up as a stray in Chester County, SC. Selena has assisted Chester for past couple of years when contacted and Claire has assisted them for at least the past 4 years. Sapphire is a beautiful blue girl who is reported to be very sweet. She was brought in on Monday, 10/26/15, with Frederick who is quite possibly her son. On Friday, 10/30, she was rushed to the vet with a rectal prolapse. Did this occur before she was picked up or while at the shelter? That is unknown. Emergency tac surgery was performed at the vet on Friday afternoon. Tac surgery is just that - tacking the prolapse and then praying it holds. A 2nd surgery will be imminent and that is a much bigger and much more expensive surgery. During the tac surgery the vet found a mammary tumor. That will also have to be removed. Chester is a kill shelter who treats their animals very well. However, they are overcrowded and a euthanization date has been set to clear kennels. Due to Sapphire's medical issues she was slated to be PTS tomorrow, 11/02. Claire Biondi Jarvis worked tirelessly to raise $1200 for the 2nd surgery and she raised that money overnight. However, a place to "park" the money was needed until a rescue could be secured for Sapphire. This is where BOAD comes in. We agreed to hold the money until rescue was confirmed and then the money would be sent to the confirmed rescue. Late Saturday afternoon Selena made a call to Eagle's Den Rescue in Clarkton, NC. They are well acquainted with prolapse surgeries and the recuperation. EDR never hesitated and said yes, of course we will help. The story, however, doesn't end there. Now we have to arrange transport, health certificate, paperwork. We had to move very quickly. Her stay at the vet was only paid until tomorrow. She could not go back to the shelter - the risk of infection was too great, the risk of the tac not holding too great. Too much risk. So we contacted Leslie who never hesitated to volunteer to transport the 300 mile round trip. We had to find someone to ride shotgun as we did not want her to do this alone. Enter Jasmine who was more than happy to ride shotgun. But you see, we then threw in a monkey wrench. We started discussing Frederick who was brought in with Sapphire. He has a skin condition which he has meds for, the tips of his ears were hacked off, and he has some scars and has sores on the top of his front paws. Well, EDR fell in love with him too and said "load him up". These two precious furbabies may have lost everything else but we were going to keep them together - they would not lose each other. Leslie, being Leslie, didn't hesitate to welcome another furbaby for the ride. They both are small - about 40 lbs. Frederick will be crated and Sapphire will have the backseat with Jasmine so she can keep a close eye on her. The 2.5 hour drive will be straight through with no stops as it is too dangerous to move Sapphire more than necessary. Both furbabies are being transported to South Robeson Vet Clinic in Fairmount, NC. The team assembled to work on this was fabulous. Laura Long, Dawn Ward, Merrily Caldwell , Claire Biondi Jarvis, Eagles Den, Leslie Oliver Platt, Jasmine and For The Love of Chester Dogs who paid for the health certs for both dogs and fecal test for Frederick.. This was truly a team effort consisting of a rescue, a shelter, shelter volunteers, and 2 organizations, Because of a Dog and For The Love Of Chester Dogs. We at Because of a Dog are grateful for the love and care that Chester County, SC Animal Shelter bestows on their animals and we are grateful for the awesomeness of Eagle's Den Rescue in Clarkton, NC. Anyone wishing to assist Eagle's Den in the medical needs of Sapphire and Frederick please visit their FB page and click on the Donate button. 

Eagle's Den Rescue FB    Chester County Animal Control   South Robeson Vet Clinic  

November 25, 2015

Tonight Max from Because of a Dog delivered slip leads and bowls to the Freemansburg, PA Police Department.  Accepting the donation are Officer Farneski and Corporal Itterly.  Each police vehicle will have 2 slip leads to ensure that each officer will have one should they need one.



August 27, 2015

This afternoon we were able to help Mickey, a doxie in SC who needed his vaccinations and vet care for a skin condition.


March 27, 2015 - ​We donated blankets, towels, and treats to the following municipality

Colonial Regional Police Dept, Bethlehem, PA - http://www.colonialregionalpd.org/

October 2014 - Meet Marjorie!  Marjorie was a resident at The Center for Animal Health and Welfare and was living in a foster home.  She loves to go on walks and loves people, animals, children. While on a walk with her foster mom a neighborhood dog attacked Marjorie. She suffered wounds to her chest, face, neck, head, legs. Because of a Dog donated an orthopedic bed to her so she could be comfortable as she healed. She is now happy, healthy, loving life, and resumed her daily walks!


October 29, 2014 - Meet Sadie! Picked up as a stray by the City of Bethlehem, PA after they had to chase her through the woods to catch her. She is estimated to be 11+ years old. Sadie was in need of emergency medical care. She was covered in over 40 ticks, most fully engorged, emaciated, eye infection, ear infections. She received excellent care at Wright Veterinary Medical Center, Bethlehem, PA where she did have to have her right eye removed due to an ulcer which ruptured.  We raised over $900 toward her medical care! Sadie spent over a month in the hospital and then was adopted by a wonderful family. Lucy and family adore Sadie and she lives like the queen she is!



October 31, 2014 - Meet Ellie!  A boxer mix located in CT who was in need of her vaccinations. Ellie was adopted through a rescue and her adopter fell on hard times financially.  Because of a Dog paid for her vaccinations through her vet.

April 28, 2015 - Because of a Dog helped a family in need with dog food in NC.  And we helped another family in NC with feed for a rescued pig.

June/July 2015​ - Meet Lulu! Lulu is a family pet of Renee's and from SC. Her left front leg was amputated on 6/11/15. On 6/17/15 she was taken to a different vet for medical care due to swelling at the surgical site. She had developed a hematoma & a drain was inserted & she was started on a round of antibiotics.  On 6/19/15 she escaped from the vet staff in Abbeville, SC.  On 6/27/15 Because of a Dog stepped up to assist in the search, something we would normally not be involved in but Lulu had extenuating circumstances with the recent amputation. Because of a Dog launched a fundraiser to raise $350 for trail cams. On 6/30/15 we brought in Karl Allen of Black River Rescue and 2 of his bloodhound scent dogs to track Lulu. They were successful in finding her scent/tracks. After 3 days Karl returned home. Posters were hung, The Press & Banner posted a notice. We started a FB page called Bring Lulu Home (now renamed Bringing Lulu Home - A Lesson in Faith).  Lulu was captured on a trail cam on 7/21/15 more than 5 miles from where she went missing from. Renee finally captured her 07/22/15 when she pulled up & saw Lulu laying by the feeding station. Renee exited her car & Lulu ran away. Renee remembered what she was told - drop to the ground, no eye contact. We knew Lulu would be watching her from the woods. After a few minutes Renee got up and started walking toward the woods and....Lulu came bounding out TO Renee! We'd like to extend a thank you to Heather and Pam, along with Karl and his scent dogs Lucy & Ginger, for all the help. Pam & Heather logged in many miles posting flyers and actively searching alongside Renee.  Lulu has regained the 22 lbs she lost during her 34 day "adventure" and is happy and healthy and loving being back home! Truly a story about keeping the faith!


Bringing Lulu Home - A Lesson in Faith Facebook page link

The Press & Banner link

March 30, 2015 - Meet BamBam! Formerly known as "Little ChiChi" he was picked up on the streets of Bethlehem, PA by the awesome Bethlehem Police.  Estimated to be about 2 months old he had 4 broken bones - 2 bones in each front leg. Taken immediately to Wright Veterinary Medical Center, Bethlehem, PA he spent almost 3 months in their care.  Dr Galino, an orthopedic surgical specialist was brought in to do the delicate surgery which consisted of plating those tiny little legs. BamBam received excellent care at the vet center and then had physical therapy at the Animal Therapy Center, Bethlehem, PA.  When he was ready to be medically released he had an awesome adopter just waiting for him!  Jeanette and her family, which includes 2 other chi's, visited BamBam weekly to bond with him.  Today, BamBam is happy, healthy, and loving life!  Because of a Dog raised over $2,300 toward his medical care!

Animal Therapy Center link     Wright Veterinary Medical Center link      Bethlehem, PA link

March 30, 2015 - Meet Zeus! A stray captured in the City of Bethlehem, PA. Because of a Dog stepped up to begin a fundraiser for his medical care.  We raised the full $1,033!  Zeus suffered from a whole body infection, his elbows were calloused, both eyes infected to the point that it appeared he had entropian. Tests came back negative for demodex and sarcoptic mange. Which left the diagnosis of allergies. Rounds of antibiotics, special food and he began to feel much better. The swelling in his eyes began to reduce and a rescue was needed for him. He was lovingly and expertly cared for at Wright Veterinary Medical Center, Bethlehem, PA for 10 days and then was released to Sunrays Pit Bull Rescue where he was welcomed into the Sunrays family and went to an awesome foster home.  His foster Melissa lovingly gave him his meds, baths, and massaged coconut oil on his body daily.  He quickly responded to the medication, massages, baths, good food, and love.  A month later and he was adopted by a fabulous family.  Sue and family love Zeus to pieces and he lives like a king! 

Wright Veterinary Medical Center     Sunrays Pit Bulls link     Bethlehem, PA link

March 14, 2015 - Today we donated close to 60 bags of dog and cat food for our military families and veterans through the Military Family Pantry at Keystone Soldiers. They are located in Shoemakersville, PA.  We are honored to give back to our military families and veterans by assisting with their pet food needs! Thank you to Sunrays Pitbull Rescue (Lehigh Valley, PA) for donating 40 bags to us! We also donated a few bags to a family in Schuylkill County, PA who was in need of pet food. Thank you Alexis Stetz for finding us deals and picking up more dog/cat food!  Thank you Susan Brotzman for donating dog food!  Thank you Brooke and Christian for loading up your truck and delivering it to the Military Family Pantry!



February 2015 has so far been a brutally cold and snowy month!  We are offering free bags of dog food (small breed and large breed) to pet owners who financially cannot afford to purchase food.  

We also donated 25 gallons of water to The Center for Animal Health and Welfare, Easton, PA. Due to the below freezing temperatures the shelter was without water.  http://www.healthyanimalcenter.org/

January 2015 was not as busy as we had already provided food, treats, blankets for the strays in December to municipalities but we did donate more blankets and offered them for anyone that was in need of blankets. 

December 2014 was a busy month for us! We donated food, bowls, slip leads, treats, blankets, and towels to the following municipalities:

BethlehemTownship Police Dept, Bethlehem, PA - http://www.bethlehemtownship.org/index.html

Palmer Township Police Dept, Palmer, PA - http://www.palmertwp.com/

Freemansburg Police Dept, Freemansburg, PA - http://www.boroughoffreemansburg.org/

City of Bethlehem Police Dept, Bethlehem, PA​ /Bethlehem PA Animal Control - https://www.bethlehem-pa.gov/

10/31/14 Ellie in CT

Donated toward vaccinations.


​ Your donations have helped all of these animals and municipalities!

November 12, 2015

Today we helped Ashley, a senior terrier mix, get her vaccinations, a wellness checkup, and her nails trimmed at the clinic at Peaceable Kingdom in PA.  


October 7, 2015

Selena Anstead of Because of a Dog delivered slip leads, dog bowls, and dog food to the City of Bethlehem, PA Police Department.  Accepting the donation is Chief DiLuzio and Sargeant Hackett. Each Police vehicle will have a slip lead to ensure that each Officer will have one available should they need one.

December 26, 2015

"Henry" was hit by two vehicles in West Easton, PA on 12/26/2015. Other drivers stopped their vehicles and stopped traffic while a kind resident ran out, scooped up Henry and transported him to Harmony Animal Hospital in Phillipsburg, NJ.  Henry had severe head trauma, swelling in the brain, could not walk nor stand. Dr Epple and staff placed an IV for fluids, pain meds, and meds to try to reduce the swelling in the brain. The next morning it was found that Henry was unable to expel his bladder on his own so they placed a urinary catheter. Henry's owners were located on 12/27/2015 late in the afternoon and arrived at the vet office. His prognosis was not favorable, he did not make any positive improvement in 25 hours, and he was in pain.  His owners chose to have Henry humanely euthanized rather than have him suffer. Because of a Dog raised $1,830 in less than 24 hours to cover the medical costs, euthanasia, and cremation. Payment of $1,830 was sent to Harmony Animal Hospital on 12/28/2015.

Harmony Animal Hospital link    Henry's fundraiser link

December 23, 2015

Meet Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!  These 2 precious pups wandered into Renee's yard in SC on 12/05/2015.  Skinny, hungry, and starved for love.  Their faces, heads, ears, and legs have scarring but that could be from playing.  It is thought they were part of a hoarding/neglect case a few miles from Renee.  Animal Control wanted her to turn them in to AC but what chance would these boys have in a kill shelter? Renee chose to hang onto them to give them a chance at a loving adoptive home either thru her or thru a rescue. Since Because of a Dog was implemented to help strays we stepped up to assist in helping these boys.  They are estimated to be about 1.5 years old.  Because of a Dog raised $124 so far and $119 has been sent to the treating veterinarian. They are neutered, UTD, and Sundance tested positive for HW.

Link to fundraiser​      Link to treating veterinarian

September 23, 2015

Our volunteer, Ava Kulischenko, delivered 40 slip leads and dog bowls to the Bethlehem Township, PA Police Department.  Each Police vehicle will have 1-2 slip leads ensuring that each Officer, Investigator, Chief, etc. will have a slip lead available should they need one.