January 1, 2016 - At 8pm the Lower Saucon Twp, PA Police found this pup in a cardboard box on the side of Valley View Road just off of Lower Saucon Road. They quickly transported Thor to Valley Central Veterinary in Whitehall, PA for immediate medical care.  Thor had to be humanely euthanized due to the severity of his condition.  He was estimated to be 12 months old and weighed 31 lbs. He should have weighed at least 70 lbs. Thor's medical condition upon intake: pressure sores on his paws, around his anus and testicles, unable to stand/walk, body & limbs contracted in fetal position, no muscle mass, extruded penis, organ shutdown, low temp, low respiration, low pulse, severe dehydration and malnutrition. We raised the funds to cover the vetting, euthanasia, and private cremation for Thor.

            Lower Saucon Township, PA Facebook link   

Lower Saucon Township          Valley Central Veterinary Emergency Referral Center

June 21, 2016 - This afternoon one of our volunteers, John D. Perazzetti, delivered 2 cases of Natural Balance rolled treats, a huge box of Milk Bones, Dental chews, a ginormous bag of Pupperoni sticks, 2 huge bags of Busy Bones, and other assorted treats for the strays at the City of Easton, PA.

City of Easton Animal Control FB page link

December 20, 2016​ - This is Bella, a little over a year old and her owners no longer wanted her. A young man stepped up and gave her a wonderful home.  At the end of October 2016 Bella was playing in the yard and picked up a stick. We all know how dogs love to play with sticks! Unfortunately, Bella was running and the stick went in the ground and stabbed her inside the throat.  She appeared to be fine. On December 2nd a small lump appeared on her throat. The lump was "movable". The next morning it was larger. Bella was taken to the vet and the diagnosis was inflammation of the salivary gland which required specialized surgery. The estimate was $7,000. Three doctors at that vet practice all concluded the same and she was put on Rimadyl and an antibiotic. The lump grew larger, to the size of a football. Bella was taken for a second opinion at a specialty hospital. An ultrasound, x-rays, etc were done and it seemed that it could possibly be the salivary glands. The radiologist studied Bella's test results and her history and believes that a piece of the stick from the end of Oct is lodged in her throat which has caused 2 pockets of cellulitis. This requires immediate surgery as there is an infection along with a football sized inflammation. Bella's owner is a responsible young man who loves Bell immensely. He borrowed over $2,000 to have Bella treated. He needs help to have the surgery for Bella which will be exploratory (since they cannot completely rule out salivary glands) and will include a biopsy. Late this afternoon the mass began oozing. UPDATE: Bella finally had her surgery 03/16/2017. All the dead tissue was removed and sent for biopsy. The biopsy came back clear and Bella is once again enjoying good health!

Link to Bella's youcaring fundraiser​     Link to Bella's Lottery Ticket drawing

December 8, 2016 - This afternoon one of our volunteers, John, delivered wet and dry cat food to Aunt Helen's Cats In Need. We are also going to be replacing the carpeting in the cat room with microfiber flooring so if anyone would like to donate to upgrade and help Aunt Helen's please let us know! Aunt Helen's trapped, spayed/neutered, ear tipped, released over 600 feral/stray cats this year along with taking, vetting, spaying/neutering and rehoming many cats who were abandoned in homes, tossed out of moving vehicles, dumped at businesses, or where the owners passed away or could no longer care for the cats.

Link to Aunt Helen's Cats in Need Facebook page

March 17, 2016 - This afternoon we delivered an XL dog carrier, dog food, dog treats, and a few more dog bowls to Bethehem Township, PA Police Dept for the strays.  Accepting the donation is Sargeant Conway.

Bethlehem Township, PA Police Facebook link

Bethlehem Township, PA Police website

February 20, 2016 - Foxy Cleopatra came to visit Because of a Dog President, Selena, today!  Foxy Cleo is just the sweetest little girl. She craves human attention and loves to give kisses, be cuddled, and loves to get presents. Because of a Dog donated a sweater, a jacket, a halter, dog food, dog treats, soft blankets, and a dog bed to keep Foxy Cleo warm, snuggy, and comfortable as she heals after living in a foxden for 7 months. She is in foster and under the medical care of Peaceable Kingdom, Whitehall, PA. She is looking much better after 4 days and her eyes appear that they are beginning to heal.

Foxy Cleopatra's link    Ruby the Lost Greyhound INC link     Peaceable Kingdom link

October 22, 2016 - Today we received a frantic call from Minnie's mom. Her larger dog bit Minnie over a week ago. The kids accidentally let Minnie, 9 years old, slip past while the larger dog was eating. After several unsuccessful attempts to obtain vet care the owner contacted us. The owner promised she would make payments to the vet, promised she would reimburse Because of a Dog for the $150 we extended so Minnie could be seen. The youcaring only brought in $115. We forwarded payment of $115 from the youcaring to Harmony Animal Hospital in addition to another $150. Sadly, Minnie's "mom" never made a payment, refused to return my calls, and abandoned Minnie at the vet. Minnie was rehomed and is living a fabulous life!

Link to fundraiser

August 24, 2016​ - On 08/24/2016 at approximately 9:32pm this old gent was picked up by the City of Bethlehem, PA Police as a stray. Found in the 1300 block of E 7th Street he had a cough which seemed indicative of a heart problem, his eyes were goopy, & his mouth/jaw was very tender. This morning we took him to the vet. Vet heard a loud heart murmur, upper gum is eroded and the root of his canine is exposed, his ear bothers him, has a few cysts on his head and neck, and is deaf and mostly blind. Estimated to be 15 years old & weighs 9.2 lbs. They did a chest x-ray & he is not in congestive heart failure, has slightly enlarged heart, did bloodwork, and no fluid in lungs. We placed him in an experienced foster home last night and he is dog friendly. He loves to be held. He drank water but has refused any type of food, dog or human, and won't even touch a dog treat. This may be attributed to his mouth hurting so antibiotics may also be administered to remove any infection/pain. He is on hearts meds, twice daily eye drops for dry eye, has a small mass on his liver, heart murmur and needs dental surgery. On Sept 11, 2016 he will go in for a level 3 dental surgery. 

October 7, 2016 - Today we started a youcaring for emergency medical care for a white husky found as a stray in Bethlehem Twp, PA on 10/07/2016 at approx 5:30pm in the area of Middletown Road.  She is microchipped but the microchip was never registered. UPDATE: Reunited! We were only able to raise $65 toward her vet bill and a check was issued to Wright Veterinary Medical Center.

Link to Fundraiser

July 15, 2016 - On July 15, 2016 at approximately 1:51pm this yorkie was picked up as a stray. He was found by a citizen in Bethlehem Township, PA. Bethlehem Township Police were on a very bad accident scene and could not respond to pick up the dog so the finder called the City of Bethlehem, PA Police. A City of Bethlehem Officer responded and transported the dog to headquarters. Because of a Dog transported the dog to Bethlehem Township PD. While there the President of BOAD contacted the finder to get the exact location of where she found this dog. After learning the location we knew where the dog lived. He actually lives in what is considered the City of Bethlehem which is right across the field from where he was found. At 5:30pm BOAD reunited Faustos with his family.  This little guy is 13 yrs old and was on quite the adventure! 

June 29, 2016 - On 06/24/2016 this handsome senior male beagle mix was picked up as a stray in Bethlehem, PA. On 06/29/2016 we made contact with the owner. He no longer wanted him and said to keep him or give him away. Since stray hold was up and owner surrendered we pulled him. We are happy to say that one of our Board Members fell in love with him and has adopted Buddy! He has tumors, is blind in one eye, partially blind in the other eye, and is hard of hearing. He had very long nails, dirty ears, and his coat was grungy. After a bath and a good comb out, ears cleaned, and nail trimming he's getting around much better! We initially raised $90 toward his care (before we knew our board member was going to adopt) and the $90 will be donated to Peaceable Kingdom, Whitehall, PA.

UPDATE: 07/25/2016 - Sadly, Buddy passed away this afternoon.  Please join us in extending our deepest condolences to Lucy who adopted Buddy on 06/29/2016.

August 28, 2016​ - This afternoon we received a call from one of our veterinary partners, Harmony Animal Hospital, Phillipsburg, NJ. A client brought in her cat and the cat needs emergency surgery within the next 24-36 hours for pyometra which is a serious and life-threatening infection in the uterus. The cat also needs dental surgery which will be done at the same time. The total cost is estimated to be $720. Our veterinary partner reached out to us as the owner does not have the funds to save her cat. The funds were raised and Nikki's life was saved! On August 31, 2016 we issued a check for $720 to Harmony Animal Hospital.

Link to Harmony Animal Hospital website

June 21,2016​ - This is Eli. He was found 06/21/2016 at approx 5:15pm in the 1200 block of E 4th Street, Bethlehem, PA. The homeowners found him in front of their home in a pillowcase. They called Bethlehem PD and an Officer responded. One look and he quickly transported Eli to Wright Veterinary Medical Center. Eli is paralyzed in all 4 limbs. He can express his bladder and bowels on his own. Xrays showed no fractures and no bruising was found. They checked carefully for ticks but he was not exhibiting tick paralysis symptoms. He was put on a course of pain meds, muscle relaxers, and steroids. He is bright and alert and will eat like a champ when food is put in front of him. We have also found out that his teeth are in horrible condition but we can address that after the cause of the paralysis is determined and hopefully can be treated successfully. We began a fundraiser to help him as an MRI was needed to try to determine if he had a slipped disc, nerve damage, or something else. Thank you to the generosity of Open MRI of Phillipsburg (NJ), Lori Caffrey & Joe Galazin, they donated the MRI procedure. Alpha Veterinary Imaging - Dr Sandry Frey, DVM - gave a deep discount and charged a fee of $50 to travel to the MRI facility and administer a sedative to Eli. Pet Rays, the veterinary radiologist, also charged a minimal amount - $105. And Nichole (Nikki) Greenberg - MRI Technologist - donated her time. Our Board Member, Lucy H. Lennon, volunteered to transport Eli from Bethlehem to Phillipsburg for this MRI and will bring Eli back to Bethlehem to Wright Veterinary. We will post updates as we receive them.

Link to Eli's fundraiser    Wright Veterinary website link     Open MRI of Phillipsburg website link

Alpha Veterinary - Dr Sandy Frey, DVM website link

June 8, 2016​ - We were contacted by Dutch's family that he was in distress and pain and exhibiting weakness in his legs.  We immediately started a fundraiser so he could be seen by a vet.  The fundraiser was slow going so we advanced $194 for immediate treatment until the fundraiser would bring in donations to help Dutch.  Dutch was seen June 9, 2016 at Harmony Animal Hospital. Bloodwork was taken and Dutch would have to return for xrays as there was no money to pay for services. BOAD advanced what we had in our emergency account.  We are awaiting an update from Dutch's owner as to his condition.  Updates will be posted in the fundraiser - the link is below.

Dutch's fundraiser link          Harmony Animal Hospital website

January 11, 2016 ​- This afternoon one of our volunteers, John D. Perazzetti, delivered food, slip leads, treats, blankets, and dog bowls to the Lower Saucon Township Police Department.



April 23, 2016 - This afternoon our volunteer, Cathryn, delivered a bag of chicken feed to Last Chance Ranch in Quakertown, PA as a thank you for helping Bethlehem PA Animal Control by taking the stray rooster which was captured in the city on March 14, 2016.

Video of rooster       Last Chance Ranch FB URL      Last Chance Ranch website

June 15, 2016 - On June 14, 2016 this male yorkie was picked up as a stray in Bethlehem, PA.  He had mats and the mats were so bad at his butt that the dog walker had to hold the mats away from his butt so he could potty. We stepped up to have him groomed right away and he was taken to Grooming by Lisa Lutzi on June 15, 2016. The first pic is before grooming and the second pic is after grooming.  He was transferred and released to Peaceable Kingdom, Whitehall, PA

​Peaceable Kingdom FB link          Peaceable Kingdom website link

​Grooming by Lisa Lutzi FB link

October 27, 2016​ - Check out our ad on the placemat at Leesport Diner, 5407 Pottsville Pike, Leesport, PA 19533

Thank you to our friends at Bulldog Advertising Co for thinking of us!

Link to Bulldog Advertising Facebook Page 

December 8, 2016​ - UPDATE: 12//29/2016 - Today, 12/29/2016, is a sad day but one we knew was coming. Jane said "I'll meet you over the Rainbow Bridge" to Nysha this afternoon. Nysha passed peacefully surrounded by Jane's love. Jane texted me this picture of Nysha. From being a loyal dog who gave her previous owners many litters to being left behind in the yard by those same owners when they moved. A lovely neighboring couple fed Nysha and were sure the owners would be back for her. They never returned. So, this kind couple brought Nysha into their home, a gray muzzled senior unspayed black pit bull. She was already over 10 years old so the thought of spaying her terrified her new "parents". They already had 2 other female pit bulls who did not like Nysha but this couple navigated through it by keeping Nysha separated from them. The last almost 2 years with her loving "mom and dad" showed Nysha what love is - unconditional.

Link to Nysha's fundraiser

February 10, 2016 - Because of a Dog received a call from Jennie Nicholas, Founder of Ruby the Lost Greyhound INC. She had received a call from a concerned citizen about a chihuahua living in a hole near their yard in the area of Parkland High School. Jennie went right out to check on this and realized that in order to fully assess the situation she needed trail cams. Because of a Dog was more than happy to loan out our trail cams!  The trail cams did their job! She safely trapped her on 02/16/2016 and she is now named Foxy Cleopatra. Foxy Cleo was immediately taken to Peaceable Kingdom in Whitehall, PA for a medical evaluation. Her left eye is slashed open and her right eye has a puncture. Her body covered in ticks, even in her ear canals. 

Ruby the Lost Greyhound INC link   Peaceable Kingdom, Whitehall, PA link​   Foxy Cleopatra's link

Your donations have helped all of these animals and municipalities

June 29, 2016 - On June 26, 2016 at approximately 2:08pm this male pit bull was picked up as a stray in Bethlehem, PA. Late that evening he began having bloody diarrhea and then began vomiting. He was vomiting up toys and pieces of toys. Early the next morning Bethlehem PD Officer Weber transported him to the vet.  Xrays were taken and thankfully there were no obstructions found. He was put on meds and special food. His bill is a tad over $430.

Link to fundraiser       Bethlehem Animal Control FB page link

January 9, 2016 - We arranged for and paid for vaccinations for 2 dogs and 1 cat belonging to a couple of homeless residents in Easton, PA. This was done at the clinic hosted by The Center for Animal Health and Welfare in Easton.  Thank you to The Center for Animal Health and Welfare for donating jackets for each of the dogs.

​The Center for Animal Health and Welfare

August 21, 2016​ - HAVE YOU SEEN THESE DOGS? Missing since 06/02/2016 from Standridge Road, Centerville/Anderson, SC. Because of a Dog has been assisting our friends in SC to locate their dogs. The dogs bolted out the door and not one sighting has been called in. This usually means that someone has these dogs. There are many homes in the area and someone knows something. We will continue to assist until these dogs are safely returned. (Assisting may be in the form of tracker with scent dogs, private investigators, law enforcement, canvassing)

You can report any information ANONYMOUSLY at www.becauseofadog.org by clicking on the Animal Tipline tab. Or you can email us at tipline@becauseofadog.org

Wouldn't YOU want information leading to the return of YOUR dogs if this happened to you?

Thank you for caring and wanting to see these dogs reunited with their family.

June 6, 2016 - We were advised of a missing cat in the explosion.  We immediately stepped up to assist with medical costs.  Sadly, Milo was found deceased. Because of a Dog started a fundraiser for final expenses for Milo for a private cremation.  Milo's owner transported him to Harmony Animal Hospital. We extend our deepest sympathy to Milo's owner on the loss of Milo.

News link in re search for Milo​      link to Milo's fundraiser (fundraiser is closed) 

News link in re Milo found          Harmony Animal Hospital website


May 24, 2016​ - Meet Prince Ray Ray - a gorgeous pit mix who was found horribly injured. He is in a back brace as they attempt to reduce the swelling due to dislocated hip before back surgery. The back brace moves as he attempts to move - he can barely walk and it is hoped that they can keep him from being paralyzed. Because his back brace moves and he needs bandage changes multiple times a day his foster goes through o much gauze and vet tape. If you can donate rolled 4 inch gauze, rolled 6 inch gauze, and rolls of 4 and 6 inch vet wrap for Prince Rays back brace that would help immensely. Donations can be sent to Because of a Dog, PO Box 3158, Bethlehem, PA 18017. Prince Ray Ray is part of Eagle's Den Rescue in NC and is in foster care where he gets therapy multiple times per day. Also, please note that Prince Ray Ray's foster mom also has two other special needs dogs which do not have use of their back legs and are in doggie wheelchairs so with this additional information you can imagine that she has her hands full!

Medical Items Amazon Smile WishList

May 20, 2016 - Shadow is a chi and on 04/20/2016 she needed emergency surgery.  Her family had fallen on hard times and the funds they were trying to save to have her spayed was needed for necessities.  Shadow ended up pregnant and without vet care.  The person who cares for Shadow is 18 and trying her best but was unaware of how far along Shadow was in her pregnancy. Unfortunately, Shadow was overdue and one puppy was stuck in the birth canal - she birthed a couple of limbs from one puppy.  A frantic search was on for an emergency vet that would see Shadow and work with this young lady to save Shadow. A vet was found and the total bill was $705.  Shadow had an emergency c-section and spay.  Sadly, both puppies were deceased in the womb. A couple of days after surgery Shadow began to bleed and had to be rushed back to the vet but because there was an outstanding balance there was some back and forth as to vet care.  This visit was taken care of but there is still a balance of $580.  We'd like to help this young lady out as she is doing her best at such a young age to take on this responsibility.

Link to Fundraiser     Greenwood Veterinary Hospital link

May 27, 2016 - This afternoon we donated dog food, dog treats, dog bowls, and slip leads to Colonial Regional Police Department, Bethlehem, PA.  Accepting the donation is Liz, a CRPD employee.

Colonial Regional Police Dept FB page

Colonial Regional Police Dept website

June 9, 2016​ - On June 9, 2016 Because of a Dog pulled Roxy from the City of Bethlehem, PA after the stray hold was satisfied.  There were conflicting stories as to how the finder obtained Roxy and on June 4, 2016 Bethlehem Police were notified of a dog found in the City of Bethlehem by a woman and that the dog was posted as being rehomed.  Bethlehem PD contacted the woman and went out to pick up the dog and the dog was posted on their FB page. Because of a Dog does not normally, and has never before, pulled a dog into our organization. However, due to extenuating circumstances we did pull her and proceeded to hang a flyer in the local Petco since she was wearing a new Petco harness. Our goal was to look for her owner and if an owner was not located she would be transferred on June 16, 2016 to an animal organization and placed up for adoption.  Thankfully, on June 10, 2016 we received the call from Roxy's owner and at approximately 5:10pm we reunited Roxy with her family. She was in the Petco to return items as she thought her family would never see Roxy again. They had filed a police report that Roxy was missing on June 1, 2016 but in a different municipality. On June 11, 2016 Because of a Dog delivered a new bed, toys, and treats to Roxy as a welcome home!

Link to Roxy's story on BOAD     Link to Roxy's post on Bethlehem AC page

January 21, 2016​ - It is with a heavy heart that we tell you that Twilight gained his angel wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge at approximately 8:15pm on 01/22/2016. It is believed that Twilight, due to his neurological symptoms, had brain cancer. At 4:00pm he was up and moving around - 4 hours later he deteriorated rapidly. Twilight's condition was not perceptible as it happened over the course of time. Thank you to the medical staff at Peaceable Kingdom, Whitehall, PA who initially treated Twilight on 02/21/2016 and then transferred Twilight to Harmony Animal Hospital, Phillipsburg, NJ. Twilight's family sends their deepest gratitude for the loving care you all provided. Please join Because of a Dog in extending our deepest condolences to Twilight's family.

Twilight's fundraiser link      Peaceable Kingdom link      Harmony Animal Hospital link

March 19, 2016 - This afternoon our volunteer, John, delivered an XL dog carrier and treats to the City of Bethlehem, PA.  Accepting the donation is Sargeant Hackett.

City of Bethlehem, PA website link

Bethlehem PA Animal Control - Facebook link

May 11, 2016​ - This evening at 6:00pm one of our Board members Alexis, delivered 216 slip leads, 24 dog bowls, 4 huge boxes of treats, and dog food to Troop M of the Pennsylvania State Police in Bethlehem, PA. The supplies will be used for Bethlehem Barracks, Belfast Barracks, Fogelsville Barracks, and Dublin Barracks. A huge thank you to our supporters for making this possible!

Pennsylvania State Police link

August 20, 2016 - Baby is a 4.5 year old pit mix.  She is a survivor of Manhattan ACC. After a year with her foster mom she became ill. Her foster mom nursed her back to health and then adopted her.  Now, Baby needs us all.  Last night, Sharon came home around midnight after working a 14 hour shift and Baby wasn't herself.  She found a huge squishy lump on Baby's throat. She quickly transported Baby to the ER vet. The diagnosis is it may be an infection or she may have something stuck in her throat. Baby had gotten into the garbage can and a piece of a plastic dish was found in her crate. She was given an antibiotic shot and is currently taking 1,000mg of amoxicillin along with Rimadyl. She tested negative for Lyme Disease. The vet said if there was no improvement that x-rays and additional bloodwork would be needed. Baby will have to be sedated for the x-rays.  Twelve hours later and Baby still does not want to drink or eat and Baby is not a dog that refuses food. Baby's mom is a fellow animal advocate who has fostered many dogs from NYACC. She never asks for help but is always willing to give help.  We would like to get Baby back into the vet today for x-rays, sedation, and bloodwork to determine and treat her condition. If further testing reveals something in her throat then surgery may occur - we will adjust the amount of the fundraiser as needed.

September 6, 2016 - Tonight we delivered dog food and dog treats to Bethlehem PA Animal Control, Bethlehem, PA.

January 10, 2016​ - This afternoon we donated food, slip leads, treats, blankets to the Bethlehem, PA Animal Control.  Accepting the donation on behalf of the City of Bethlehem, PA is Sargeant Hackett.

Bethlehem PA Animal Control

City of Bethlehem, PA

May 31, 2016​ - Yesterday one of our supporters, Barbara Chaszar Miller, was at a pet supplies store. While there she met an older woman with 2 small dogs that she adopted from a shelter a few years ago, possibly longer. The woman's husband had passed away and she was on a very limited income but both her dogs needed harnesses. Barbara offered to buy one but the woman declined so Barbara messaged us. We said tell her we have harnesses and we will donate one for each dog. The woman saidshe couldn't possibly do that and Barbara explained that this is what Because of a Dog does and then showed her my messages regarding the harnesses and I had also asked if she was in need of dog food. The woman got choked up and had tears in her eyes as she didn't realize that there were organizations to help her. So, Barbara left and I messaged her back saying get the woman's name and address and I'll make sure she gets the harnesses and some dog food. Barbara quickly turned around and drove back to the shopping center and the woman was just coming out...with a brand new harness that she couldn't afford. Barbara showed her my latest message and the woman gave Barbara her information. In the course of their conversation Barbara also learned that the woman rescued 2 cats too. So, this morning one of our volunteers, John D Perazzetti, delivered a bag of dog food, a bag of cat food, a harness for each dog, a couple of dog toys, and a little bag of cat toys. She wasn't home so the items were left on her porch with our business card. Thank you Barbara for being so kind, compassionate, and caring and helping this woman out and letting us know that she could use a little help!

April 23, 2016 - This senior mini poodle was picked up as a stray in the City of Bethlehem, PA. This little guy was urinating blood and was transported by Bethlehem Police Dept to Christmas City Vet for treatment and observation.  We began a fundraiser to cover the medical costs and were able to raise $50.  On April 27, 2016, after the stray hold period, this senior was transferred to The Center for Animal Health and Welfare, Easton, PA.  On April 28, 2016 this senior's owners contacted the City of Bethlehem to reclaim him.  His owners were directed to contact The Center for Animal Health and Welfare to reclaim.  On May 7, 2016 we issued a check for $50 ($30 in the fundraiser and $20 cash) to Christmas City Veterinary to apply to the account of City of Bethlehem for this senior.  Thank you to our donors for donating to help this senior!

​Senior Mini Poodle Fundraiser     ​The Center for Animal Health & Welfare   Christmas City Vet   

April 27, 2016 - This afternoon one of our volunteers, John, delivered slip leads, dog bowls, dog food, and dog treats to Lehigh Township Police Department in Northampton County, PA. Accepting the donation is Chief Fogel. Thank you to our wonderful donors who purchased slip leads from our Amazon Smile Wishlist so we may continue to outfit police vehicles with at least 2 slip leads per vehicle.

Lehigh Township Police Dept FB link          Lehigh Township website link

August 24, 2016 - Today one of our volunteers, John D. Perazzetti, delivered slip leads, dog treats, and bowls to the Forks Township, PA Animal Control Officer. John returned on August 31, 2016 and delivered dog food.

June 5, 2016 - On June 4, 2016 a home explosion destroyed a duplex with 4 apartments in Phillipsburg, NJ.  Lucky was found on June 5, 2016 in the debris as heavy equipment was onsite to remove the debris and level the building. She was rushed to Harmony Animal Hospital in Phillipsburg, NJ for emergency medical care.  Because of a Dog started a Facebook page for Lucky on June 12, 2016 as many communities quickly embraced and fell in love with Lucky.  Lucky's story can be found in the "About" section of the Facebook page along with links to the fundraiser (fundraiser is closed) and news reports. Lucky's owner, Clay Metzger, suffered burns over 40% of his body and is in the burn unit. Through the generous donations of many we were able to raise over $7,500. Clay & Lucky were reunited July 22, 2016 soon after Clay was released from the hospital but unable to live together as they lost their home. On Sept 1, 2016 Clay moved into a new home and they were finally reunited!

Lucky's Facebook page (Lucky's Journey)      Harmony Animal Hospital website  

Lucky's fundraiser link (fundraiser closed)    Link to Lucky's story on BOAD

March 10, 2016 - Cathryn, one of our volunteers, delivered slip leads, dog food, treats, dog bowls, and blankets to the Borough of Tatamy, PA.  Accepting the donation is Sargeant Snyder.

Borough of Tatamy, PA website

Borough of Tatamy, PA Facebook link

October 20, 2016 - This afternoon one of our volunteers, John D. Perazzetti, delivered dog food, treats, blankets, and a galvanized can to keep the food in to City of Bethlehem Animal Control. Accepting the donation is Officer Weber.

August 30, 2016​ - On 08/30/2016 we received a desperate plea to help a stray cat in Wayne County, WV.  We could not say no once we heard how badly he needs help. We contacted one of our very good friends in SC, Christine Zois, who founded Feline Canine Fellowship Coalition who partnered with us to help this cat. Glenda's, who reached out to us, said her neighbor was feeding the cat for months and the cat is very friendly and loves human contact. This cat's eye is basically almost missing. He also has a horrific injury to his left front leg where the injury goes thru the leg. The cat cannot use the leg and the leg just "dangles". Glenda and her husband set a trap & caught a possum. Released that guy! They walked miles looking for him and then eventually found him under the neighbor's carport. No one admits to owning this cat and the neighbor very willing told Glenda to take the cat. Glenda and her husband cleaned the cat up as best they could and he is chilling in the bathroom until he goes to the vet August 31. When they shined a light on the leg wound to get a closer look they were horrified to realize they can actually see through the leg. He has been named Hunter, is now UTD on shots & is neutered. He is spending a week at the vet for daily bandage changes on the leg as FCFC, BOAD, and the vet do everything possible to save the leg. He will be up for adoption through FCFC.

​Link to Hunter's fundraiser    Link to Feline Canine Fellowship Coalition FB page

June 17, 2016 - On June 16, 2016 this beautiful girl was picked up as a stray in the City of Easton, PA. She appears to have recently had puppies and she appears to have an injury on her left eye. She is being taken to the vet on June 18, 2016 for treatment.  A fundraiser has been implemented to help. This sweet girl has an eye infections and severe yeast infection in both ears. Treatment/medication has been prescribed.  Thank you to Amy Gruber, Easton Animal Control Officer, for taking such great care of her!

​Link to fundraiser     City of Easton Lost/Found Dogs FB link     City of Easton website link  

August 31, 2016​ - Today we paid for a TNR for a feral cat in Moore Twp, PA to get neutered, rabies vaccination, and treated for feline lice. A huge thank you to Carolann Dos Santos and Aunt Helen's Cats In Need (Bethlehem, PA) for trapping, transporting, and taking care of him for the night after surgery. Thank you to The Center for Animal Health & Welfare, Easton, PA for offering lowcost TNR to Northampton County, PA residents.

February 3, 2016 - Because of a Dog is extremely honored to be the recipient of Wright Veterinary Medical Center's 2015 Xmas Giving Tree. Each year they choose a non profit organization who has made an impact on the community. WVMC staff and WVMC clients place items under the tree. How awesome that Because of a Dog was chosen! It was hard to get everything in the picture! There are bags of dog food under the dog and cat beds, dog treats, dog sweaters, cat food, cat toys, dog toys, fleece blankets! WVMC then had XL airline carrier/crates to donate to us too! The carriers were donated by a WVMC client who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you anonymous client! The carrier/crates will be donated to municipalities for use with strays. Because of a Dog would like to extend an enormous thank you to Wright Veterinary Medical Center, their staff and their clients for donating so generously!

Wright Veterinary Medical Center link

May 28, 2016 - This afternoon we donated regular cat food and special needs cat food to Aunt Helen's Cats in Need, Bethlehem, PA.  Aunt Helen's Cats In Need is a private local network of foster caretakers of stray and feral cats and kittens. They are not an animal shelter and do not solicit donations. All expenses, for the most part, come out of their own pockets. Accepting the donation is Carol Dos Santos.

Aunt Helen's Cat In Need FB link

September 26, 2016 - Today we started a youcaring to raise $400 for 2 additional trail cams for use in SC. One of our friends, Renee, (you'll remember her as Lulu's mom) sighted a stray mama and pup at a jobsite. They run as soon as you look at them. Trail cams were needed to see where they were coming from on the jobsite. Sadly, within a couple of days the mama was found deceased and the pup supposedly taken by ACO.

Link to fundraiser

May 20, 2016​ - This little 3.5 lb male yorkie was picked up by City of Bethlehem, PA Animal Control on 05/18/2016.  A friendly little guy estimated to be approximately 5 years old. While in stray hold it was found by the vet that he has a perineal hernia which needs to be addressed with surgery.  "A perineal hernia is a condition that occurs in both dogs and cats in which there is an abnormal displacement of pelvic and/or abdominal organs (small intestine, rectum, prostate, bladder, or fat) into the region around the anus called the perineumA perineal hernia is most successfully treated using the internal obturator muscle flap technique. Castration is always performed at the same time as the perineal hernia surgery so that the prostate will shrink, thus minimize straining during bowel movements."  "The pelvic floor supports the rectum and keeps the abdominal contents in their normal positions. When the muscular diaphragm is weakened, it may rupture, allowing organs to become entrapped in the hernia. Perineal hernias exhibit as a swelling adjacent to the rectum and most commonly occurs in older unneutered dogs. Though a perineal hernia is not life-threatening in itself, it may require an emergency response if the bladder moves through the rupture, as this can obstruct urination If a loop of intestine is trapped in the hernia, this may lead to strangulation of the bowel and loss of blood supply." His family did not come to claim Dexter so he is part of Peaceable Kingdom, Whitehall, PA.  On 05/30/2016 we issued a check in the amount of $365 from the fundraiser to help with surgical costs.

Link to fundraiser     Peaceable Kingdom website

July 15, 2016​ - Picked up as a stray in the 800 block of Atlantic Street, Bethlehem, PA on 07/14/2016 at approx 11:04pm. This pup is in horrible physical shape and yet he is the sweetest boy you'd ever want to meet. He's full of kisses and tail wags. He had one of the worst cases of diarrhea, is emaciated and at least 15-20 lbs underweight, his spine and ribs are prominent, his feet and ankles are discolored yellow from urine burn, he had blood on the top of his head, his ear had a puncture wound and was actively bleeding which bears a resemblance of someone using a hole punch on his ear, other spots on his body bear the mark of urine burn, and he was covered in the stench of cat urine. His feet/elbows/knees bow out and he is "hunched". This last part is highly indicative of a dog kept crated for a long long long time in a crate which is too small for him. This will cause his growth to be stunted and can cause permanent damage. He is currently under vet care where he is on special digestive food, had a medicated bath, salve on his ear and head, salve on his feet/ankles, and started on a course of antibiotics.
Because of a Dog is also asking for information on who this dog belonged to. ANONYMOUS tips can be submitted at www.becauseofadog.org under the Animal Tipline tab.

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July 20, 2016 - This evening we donated an XL carrier and dog food to Freemansburg, PA Police Department. Accepting the donation is Officer Smith.

Freemansburg Police website link     

Freemansburg Police FB link

June 2, 2016​ - Early this afternoon, 06/02/2016, one of our volunteers, John, delivered slip leads, large and small dog treats, dog bowls, and dog food to Fountain Hill, PA Police Dept. Accepting the donation is Officer Fritzinger and Detective Krasley.

Fountain Hill Police Dept website

May 13, 2016​ - Meet Brutus!  Brutus was picked up by City of Bethlehem, PA Animal Control Officer on 05/13/2016 at approximately 7:30am.  Brutus is a very friendly guy and as you can see he was severely matted. When he had a bowel movement the fecal matter would get stuck in the mats. Plus he was sprayed by a skunk. He literally had dreds and we could not see his eyes or his toes or much of anything.  He desperately needed to be groomed so Because of a Dog stepped up to have him groomed. While he was being boarded at the vet they did clip away some of the matting around his anus and some away from his eyes. However, he was reunited early the morning of 05/14/2016 as he was microchipped.  We wanted to make sure this little guy got groomed so we are standing behind our word regarding getting him groomed.  Brutus' "mom and dad" are now in a nursing home and a family member has Brutus so we arranged for him to take Brutus to Grooming by Lisa Lutzi to be shaved and have a spa day.  As you can see in the pictures his coat was in terrible condition.  His "new dad" was very thankful that we stepped up to cover the grooming as Brutus also needs to be brought up to date on shots, he needs dental work, and his new dad wants to get him neutered to prevent further wandering and any possible future health issues.

Link to Fundraiser

August 24, 2016 - Today one of our volunteers, John D. Perazzetti, delivered slip leads, dog treats, and bowls to Forks Township, PA Police Dept. John returned on August 31, 2016 and delivered dog food.

Link to Forks Township, PA website