March 7, 2017 - This little dog was found late Sunday night, 03/05/2017, in the 900 block of East 4th Street, Bethlehem, PA. This is a male dog was transported by Bethlehem Police to the emergency vet and is currently at the emergency vet under vet care for a fractured leg which may require surgery and pins. We arranged for this pup to be transferred to Peaceable Kingdom, Whitehall, PA. A BPD Officer transported 03/09/2017 at 8pm. Further testing revealed that the leg would not need surgery and that with crate rest the leg should heal. Happy to report this little pup healed and was adopted!

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February 10, 2017​ - Dino was picked up on 01/26/2017 by Bethlehem, PA Police as a stray. Dino was quite the escape artist too!  Dino was the impetus for BOAD to fundraise for new crates for municipalities.  Dino was in 'lockup' with another pit mix who we dubbed Cinnamon.  When the dogwalkers arrived Dino was coming out of the breakroom. Yeah, oh boy.  So we contacted The Center for Animal Health & Welfare, Easton, PA to ask if they would hold both strays until Tues 01/31. On 01/31/2017 we arranged for BPD to transport Dino (whom we were calling Mini-moo) to Animal Rescue League Berks County, PA.  On 02/06/2017 we were contacted of the possible owner of Dino. We made contact and sure enough this was their dog! We immediately contacted the manager of ARL Berks and arranged for Dino to be reunited. A HUGE thank you to ARL Berks and their staff! Dino was neutered, brought up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. AND they drove an hour one way to reunite Dino with his family!  Due to a snowstorm and the hour drive we opted to hold off until 02/10/2017 for the reunion for the safety of everyone. Enjoy the video!

Link to reunion video       Link to ARL Berks County website      Link to ARL Berks County Facebook page


February 17, 2017 - This afternoon we delivered a new crate to the Bethlehem, PA Police Department/Animal Control Officer. The crate weighs in at 96 lbs and measures 48Lx32Dx37H and will hopefully be escape proof! The crate has a door with 2 locks and the top also opens and has a lock. Accepting the donation is Officer Scott Weber. Together, Officer Weber, our volunteer John Perazzetti, and myself cleaned up the area and assembled the crate.

Link to Bethlehem Animal Control FB page  

March 8, 2017 - Injured stray cat found in the 300 block of South Green St, Nazareth, PA. We received an email from a resident via our website about a stray cat in Nazareth that is having trouble walking but is eating food that is put out. We responded back late yesterday afternoon. This afternoon we called in the expert extraordinaire - Carol Dos Santos of Aunt Helen's Cats in Need. In just under 3 hours she had the cat trapped. The cat will be transported to the vet in the morning for a full checkup. He/she was living under a shed for the past 5-7 days and may have injured his/her back crawling in/out. Appears to be a Maine Coon/DLH mix. He/she has a lot of hair loss on his/her hind legs. On 03/09/2017 Mr. Handsome was seen by the vet. Estimated to be 6-8 years old. Belly area is bald, grade 3 heart murmur, 2 severely abscessed teeth, feline leukemia negative, feline AIDS negative, weighs in at 9 lbs, 11oz, no trauma visually seen. We are having the 2 abscessed teeth removed, doing a full dental, will be neutered, full blood chemistry, checking potassium levels, checking for hyperthyrhoid, and diabetes. The need for x-rays will be assessed after the blood chemistry workup comes back. Vet did give a Convenia injection which is an antibiotic lasting 10 days.  Mr Handsome is still available for adoption as of 06/17/2017.

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Your donations have helped all of these animals and municipalities

May 6, 2017 - Today we mourn the loss of our beloved Sadie. Sadie was our first medical fundraiser back on 10/26/2014. When she was picked up as a stray in Bethlehem, PA back in 2014 she was estimated to be 13-14 years old. She spent about a month in the hospital.  I visited Sadie every night and took her daily scrambled eggs with cheese and turkey for her. Then went to live with Lucy after being released from the hospital. I got many of what I called my "Sadie Fix"es in at Lucy's home. Sadie was quite the character and the life of the party. You better believe she ruled that house with an iron paw! Sadie was very selective as to whom she liked and who she'd like to bite which baffled me immensely as I only saw a sweet little girl who bestowed many kisses on me. She loved her family (Lucy, her adult children, Hector, and a select few others. She made sure that the current dogs (that were there before her!) and any new foster dogs knew that she was Queen Sadie. No, she never hurt any of them - she just "told" them what was what. Sadie, you embodied the very reason that BOAD came into existence. There will never be another Sadie. Please join us in sending condolences to Lucy who is lost without her beloved constant companion. (You can click on Our Impact 2015 and prior to read Sadie's story.) Rest easy, soar with the angels Sadie for we will meet again.

May 31, 2017 - Today we mourn the loss of our beloved mascot, Billy Bob. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the loving arms of his forever mom, Lucy Lennon who is one of our Board Members. Billy Bob was picked up as a stray in Bethlehem, PA on 08/24/2016. He was in terrible shape. Blind, deaf, stage 4 heart murmur, rotted teeth, tooth roots exposed, blackened gums, small mass on his liver, raging infection in his teeth, and estimated to be about 15 years old when found. The community rallied and we raised enough money to have Billy Bob go under for a risky surgery, considering his age and health, for a level 3 dental surgery. He did so well while in surgery that they quickly neutered Billy Bob also. Twenty minutes after coming out of anesthesia he was looking for food! Billy Bob had a wonderful 9 months of love, sleeping in front of the fireplace all cozy on cold nights, sleeping in AC in summer, a full belly every day, soft cushy beds and sofas to sleep on. Not to mention snuggling in on a lap! Billy Bob loved Sadie who sadly passed 05/06/2017. We couldn't have asked for a better home for he lived with Lucy and was treated like a king. Billy Bob we love you, fly high, soar with the angels. Please join us in sending condolences to Lucy, her adult children, and Hector as they are sorely missing Billy Bob and mourning the loss. Till we meet again Billy Bob. (You can find Billy Bob's full story under the Impact tab 2016)

February 13, 2017 - This afternoon we mailed 48 slip leads to Aimee Contois the Animal Control Officer in the town of Auburn, Massachusetts to aid in the safe capture of stray dogs.

Link to Auburn, MA Facebook page   Link to Auburn, MA website

May 1, 2017 - This beautiful female sealpoint was being seen for a month in Bethlehem Twp, PA. We called in Carol of Aunt Helen's Cats in Need to come and trap as we could tell the cat was at one time an indoor cat she was now skittish and frequenting a very busy road. The cat came around at the same time every night to eat so Carol and our founder sat and chatted. It took only 15 minutes and kitty was in the trap. And she was definitely not happy about it. Carol took kitty to be checked out. Turns out that kitty is microchipped. After calling the chip company we learned the chip was not registered but we were able to get the name of the rescue that the chip was sold to. We contacted the rescue which was a rescue in California. They responded they would check into it. They advised that the cat's name is Lovey Dovey and she was adopted out back in late 2013 and they would get us owner info. Sadly, they did not respond back so we emailed to them that if we did not hear back from them within 24 hours we would release the cat to a rescue for adoption. We did not hear back and we released Lovey to Aunt Helen's Cats in Need where she found a forever home within a week!

February 11, 2017 - Found 02/11/2017 at approx 7:55pm by a citizen in the 500 block of Broadway, Bethlehem, PA. Female black pit mix, no collar, no chip. She is at the emergency vet, Valley Central, and it has been confirmed that her injuries are consistent with being hit by a car. She is emaciated and at least 15 lbs underweight. She has bleeding around the whites of both eyes, abrasion on chest, bruising to her lungs, scrapes on hind end, walks slowly and stiffly, possible neurological to her hind end. She will be monitored at vet and re-assessed. She is resting comfortably as she was given pain meds. This little girl is positively terrified and if you go to touch her she will urinate. Due to the vet's assessment that this dog is a fearful biter and classified as dangerous, Bethlehem PD reached out to Because of a Dog. BOAD reached out to Speranza Animal Rescue and we are releasing this dog to Speranza this afternoon. She is still in need of more medical testing. As of the evening of 02/12/2017 she is now with Janine Guido of Speranza Animal Rescue and en route to Dillsburg Veterinary.  From the streets to getting hit by a car to the ER vet to having a "Caution Will Bite" placard on her kennel to the safety of Speranza Animal Rescue! So please welcome Valentina!!! While she wanted to eat everyone at the vet she has displayed no aggression to Janine and is sitting in the car. She is breaking Janine's heart because she is crying from pain. Janine is enroute to Dillsburg Veterinary where they are standing by. Sadly, Valentina was humanely euthanized on 02/13/2017. Her injuries were too severe (fracture in spine, brain bleed, broken tail, abrasions to her lungs and body.) R.I.P. Valentina.

Link to Speranza Animal Rescue FB page    Link to Bethlehem PA Animal Control FB page

March 20, 2017 - Found morning of 03/20/2017 by a Bethlehem, PA Police Officer on Lynn Ave curled up in a ball behind a dumpster. BPD Officer transported to vet. Black female, no chip. Has a fractured hip. Also has multiple old healed rib fractures. We arranged for the transfer of this pup to Powell House, Inc.

Link to video of injured pup       Link to Powell House Inc FB page

February 18, 2017 - We are still working on Phoenix!!!!  Adopted from Peaceable Kingdom, Whitehall, PA.  Moved to Va Beach with adopter. They then moved to AL. While visiting family in Jackson, MS someone broke into the motel room and Phoenix escaped. She has been missing since 08/16/2015. We have had sightings and know where she is but need Black River Search & Rescue to bring in their 3 bloodhounds.

Link to fundraiser/details    Link to Phoenix's FB page

March 2, 2017 - Picked up as a stray on 02/28/2017 on Santee Mill Road, by the Bethlehem, PA Police. A sweet little girl whose owner did not come forward. We saw her this morning and her ears are so swollen, her eyes have green gunk, and she has scratched open the top of her ear. Even though she will be transported to a shelter tomorrow we'd like to get her some meds this afternoon so that she is comfortable and before her ears swell up more and look like "cauliflower". On 03/06/2017  I went to Christmas City Vet to pay the bill and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not the originally quoted $175 but was $156.79! This was for an exam, cytology of the ear, opthalmalogic ointment, ointment for her skin, and a heavy duty antibiotic.  The antibiotic was anonymously donated by a client of CCV. This little girl was transferred to Camp Papillon, Stroudsburg, PA

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February 27, 2017 - Baby was picked up as a stray in Bethlehem Twp, PA on 02/05/2017. On 02/08/2017 she was adopted from the Police. Less than 14 days later she was once again without a home. I won't even go into what happened there. Baby is a sweet loving little 40 lb bundle of joy. Thankfully a very good friend, Kedron, stepped up to foster Baby. Baby rides wonderfully well in the vehicle. She even slept thru the hail storm the other night while in the van! Anyway, Kedron found that Baby wanted to chase the cats, not to be mean but probably curious and the cat ran and then it was a game. She initially did well with the little dogs in the house and then after playing outside she was iffy with the little female. So segregation was in order. Baby loved Kedron's 12 yr old son and slept in bed with him since the first night! We partnered with K9Matchmaker to find Baby a home as we at BOAD do not normally do adoptions. Fast forward to 02/26/17 - a meet n greet with a family that has a 5 yr old male lab. Well that didn't go so well. Lab was barking. Baby was interested. They were sniffing. Baby wasn't done sniffing when the lab jumped up, paws in the air. Excitement probably. Baby reacted and got his paw.  Was this vicious? No, it was excitement. The vet bill in the album is the vet bill for that dog - he had a laceration to his paw pad, $391.75. We'd like to take care of this bill. Now let's fast forward to 02/27/2017. We have to take Baby to a shelter outside of the county she was found in. We were devastated as everyone tried so hard to find THE home for her. But these things cannot be rushed. Well at the 11th hour in comes a potential adopter! Kedron and Terry (K9Matchmaker) did the meet n greet and Baby did awesome! Such a wonderful family! Bonus - we get to visit Baby! So now today at 2:30 Baby goes to the vet for her vaccinations, thorough exam, microchip, and to have her "happy tail" looked at since it is bloody and slightly swollen so she'll probably have antibiotics prescribed.

​Link to Bethlehem Twp PD FB page     Link to K9Matchmaker FB page   Link to Baby's fundraiser

​April 20, 2017​ - Meet Mary Magdalene, also known as Maggie. It started a little over a week ago where she was falling to the right and having trouble walking. Maggie is a rescue from Arkansas where she and her siblings were found in a field. For the last few years she's been living like a queen in PA. She even picked out her own furry rescue brother when they were ready to add a second pup. Maggie and Storm are inseparable. So much so that when Maggie's mom tried to take her to the vet poor Storm started screaming and had to go along! CT scan and spinal were done. Results showed no masses but the spinal fluid showed lymphoma. Her owners decided to go with lomustine for chemo. The estimate for treatment in the office is 6-7 thousand dollars. The lomustine was $88. They've changed to an anti cancer diet for Maggie and although the vet is giving 4-6 months we all know that animals do not come with an expiration stamped on their paw.  Just 8 days ago she could barely walk and would list to the right. Now, after treatment she's playing and heading into the water to swim. Maggie's mom and dad are paying $3.19/can for the food and we found it for $2.473/can. We'd like to ship Maggie 5 cases along with 6 bags of limited ingredients, grain free special treats. (A case of food is $29.68 one bag of treats is $5.75 and another kind of treat is $5.88).  Any donations over the $183 will go toward purchasing more canned food for Maggie. On April 25, 2017 we shipped the following to Mary Magdalene: 1 bag of Merrick Backcountry Pacific Catch Real Salmon Jerky Treat, 4.5 oz, 1 bag of Merrick Power Bites Salmon Recipe Treats, 4 cases of Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Real Salmon Recipe Pet Food, 12.7-Ounce, 12-Pack

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June 1, 2017- Meet Donna. Donna was picked up by the Bethlehem Twp, PA Police at 8th & Linden Streets. I got the call from Bethlehem Twp PD that they had a yorkie biter. So I called our board member Lucy, I left work and we went to BTPD to assess. Well, BTPD wasn't fibbing - she was a biter! Lucy got a slip lead on her while I held the kennel door to grab her if she got away. Once she was on the slip lead she began jumping, biting, and doing the alligator roll. We got her over to Lucy's truck and looked at each other, scratched our heads and thought "how the heck are we getting her in there?" Lucy reached down and scooped her up. Well Donna immediately bit. Next thing we knew we were covered in blood. The 2 BTPD Officers looked at us in horror - their expressions matching ours! I thought she actually bit Lucy but she didn't break skin. Her snout and mouth were covered in blood. I quickly ran to my truck to get a blanket. Lucy rushed her to HanoverView Vet as we thought she bit her own tongue and there was a LOT off blood. It took 2 more blankets to wrap her up enough to get her into the vet. She was so wild that they couldn't even examine her but as she was snapping away they were able to see that her top canine was broken and just hanging there. So this is where the blood was coming from! Lucy took her home & a few hours later it was back to the vet. Donna had a mouthful of rotted teeth and a heart murmur. We took care of the initial vetting for the infected teeth which was heavy duty antibiotics and a rabies vaccination and after stray hold Donna was released to Powell House Inc (Lucy's org) where they had a level 3 dental done (every tooth in her mouth had to be pulled), she was spayed, brought up to date on all vaccinations, and microchipped. She will remain as a personal dog of Lucy's. As you can see she settled in very nicely on the sofa, dressing up for a day out with Lucy. Donna is a mix of Sadie's personality and Billy Bob's health issues. Wishing you a great life Donna!

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February 7, 2017 -  Lego was picked up as a stray in Freemansburg, PA on 2/7/2017 at approx 3:57pm. She was placed in their stray hold. She was dirty & stinky. The Officers noticed that she could not defecate & they thought she may have a tumor at her rectum and it was leaking along with what looked like some matting. So off I went with disposable gloves & scissors to see what was going on with her. I smelled her before I saw her - total mess. Opened the crate, out she came and as the Chief,  along with one of my volunteers and I were "suited up" in disposable gloves we managed to get her distracted while I took a look at her rectal area. This did not appear to me to be a tumor but a rather large ball of hair, fecal matter. Her rectum was not even visible. She was so dirty and icky that it was impossible to even tell if she was male or female. The pink dye in her hair at the top of her head gave us a clue that the dog was possibly female. She tried and tried to have a bowel movement.  We determined that she was in need of immediate medical care.  She was supposed to be transported to a shelter in the next 4 hours but this was not looking good. The Chief immediately agreed and I ran home to get a carrier to transport her to the vet. They had to put her in the bathtub to try to get some of that off of her. For safety she was muzzled her as we do not know if she is up to date on rabies & she was very uncomfortable. How uncomfortable?  Well, in that matting they found legos.  An x-ray and an ultrasound are needed. This little girl had more legos in her rectum! They had to sedate her to do a short procedure to remove the legos. All together there were about 6-7 legos. This little girl can't weigh more than 5 lbs! She is emaciated. Thankfully there is no prolapse. However, her rectum is extremely inflamed and sore. We have no idea how long she was like this but this is not something that occurred over the course of a few days - not for how badly that was matted. She is now on a course of antibiotics, an ointment was applied, and we followed through with a Freemansburg Officer transporting her to Peaceable Kingdom. She is currently snuggled in on soft comforters and resting.  The Kennel Manager checked the legos (yes that is a picture of the legos that were removed from her rectum but does not include the legos that she passed and that were stuck in the matted ball of fecal matter and hair) and there are no teeth marks on these legos. How did these legos get in her rectum? This we do not know and probably won't ever know. What we do know is that because the Chief called us and we all acted quickly this little girl's life was saved! During the whole ordeal she never stopped wagging her tail and how she was even able to do that without crying is beyond me. Her struggles are behind her (no pun intended!) and a bright future awaits her! We are happy to report that Lego was adopted by a wonderful family!

Link to fundraiser   Article at Pet Rescue link   Link to Freemansburg PD FB page 

April 26, 2017​ - This cat was found by citizen 04/26/2017 at the Pizza Hut by Liberty High School, Bethlehem, PA. Green collar w/bell. Cat is microchipped.  We left a message for owner along with sending an email to the owner. On 05/02/2017, through investigating the microchip, we were finally able to speak with the registered owner. She tried to tell us that the cat was not hers and TNR'd cats are just "registered under name".  We weren't buying that. Who would allow a shelter to TNR and microchip cats and register the microchips in one person's name? What shelter would agree with that? And then put a collar with a bell on a TNR'd cat and release back onto the streets? We were adamant that this cat could not be released back onto the streets with a collar and a bell! She finally agreed to surrender the cat to us. We released the cat to Aunt Helen's Cats in Need and this kitty was adopted immediately.

May 15, 2017 - This sweet girl was found by the Bethlehem Police on Fritz Drive, Bethlehem, PA. She was severely matted and extremely uncomfortable. We immediately stepped in to have her groomed right away. Her skin was very sore under all that matting but thankfully there was no skin infection. No one came forward to claim her and she was released to Powell House, Inc.

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April 24, 2017​ - EQUIPMENT STOLEN! We had 4 Cuddeback Long Range IR Model E2 trail cams because of the generosity of our donors. For the last year we have had 2 of the 4 in Jackson, MS. A few months ago we sent our other 2 cams to Jackson, MS to aid in the capture of Phoenix. The trail cams were moved to different locations about a month ago. There are vagrants in the area along with homeowners. However, the people placing the cams have always been very careful when checking or placing the cams. The way these 2 were to be set up they should have been able to capture images on each one within range of the other cam. Sadly, BOTH cams were stolen. They took the cams but left behind the straps to secure the cams. The other 2 cams have been removed for the timebeing.

January 25, 2017​ - Late the afternoon of 01/25/2017 at approximately 4:39pm this little girl was picked up as a stray in the vicinity of Greenway and 3rd Street in Bethlehem, PA. She has open wounds on her head. She is under vet care where the open wounds are being treated and she is being checked for mange, dermatitis, infection, etc.  As the pictures show she has multiple healed wounds where there is scarring. She also has many "dots" that have healed which could be from allergies or flea bites. She has some sort of active "rash or lumps" inside her left rear leg.  Her eyes are red rimmed. She is also flat footed depending on how she stands or sits. This little girl is estimated to be around a year old and is extremely friendly!  She wants to jump up and kiss you and sit in your lap. She was so energetic that the Doctor couldn't even get a read on her heartbeat as she was panting a mile a minute and wiggling too much. Due to her high energy level and excitement they will probably need to muzzle to safely do the skin scrape in the eye area.  She has been given a rabies vaccination and an antibiotic injection to help with whatever is going on with her until we receive the results of the skin scrape.  She has been released to Peaceable Kingdom, Whitehall, PA.

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March 25, 2017 - Visiting Powell House, Inc. with Sadie and Billy Bob. Sadie was a stray from 10/2014 and Billy Bob (our mascot) was a stray from 08/2017, both from Bethlehem, PA. Sadly, little did we know that we would lose both of them May 2017. Both were estimated to be at least 15-16 years old when they crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Forever in our hearts - never to be forgotten. This is why we do what we do. 

Link to Powell House, Inc. FB page

March 2, 2017 - The last 2 crates delivered, assembled, and set up at City of Bethlehem, PA for Bethlehem PA Animal Control. Thank you to our awesome volunteer, John D Perazzetti, for delivering and assembling with us! We have now donated a total of 3 new crates to Bethlehem PA Animal Control. Each crate weighs in at 96 lbs and measures 48Lx32Dx37H and will hopefully be escape proof! The crate has a door with 2 locks and the top also opens and has a lock. 

Link to Bethlehem PA Animal Control FB page

February 17, 2017 - Today we delivered a new crate to the Freemansburg, PA Police Department. The crate weighs in at 96 lbs and measures 48Lx32Dx37H and will hopefully be escape proof! The crate has a door with 2 locks and the top also opens and has a lock. Accepting the donation is Officer S. Smith.

Link to Freemansburg PD Facebook page    Link to Freemansburg website

February 26, 2017 - We were advised about a neighbor in Schuylkill County, PA poisoning a dog and threatening a family. We immediately sent a letter to the Police Chief, Council President, Mayor, 2 local HSPO's (Humane Society Police Officer), 1 HSPO from PSPCA, Dog Warden Supervisor, and Dog Warden. We also messaged the letter to one of the HSPO's and within an hour we heard back from the local HSPO that, due to receipt of our letter, an investigation will commence within 36 hours.

We believe that no animal or family should be threatened and we act quickly on matters such as this.

February 17, 2017 - This afternoon we delivered a new crate to the Bethlehem Township, PA Police Department. The crate weighs in at 96 lbs and measures 48Lx32Dx37H and will hopefully be escape proof! The crate has a door with 2 locks and the top also opens and has a lock. Accepting the donation is Officer Kanaskie.

Link to BTPD FB page